At Shyam Art Works, you can learn Oil Paintings, Murals, 3D Clay Paintings, Tanjore, Jharokhas, Abstract, Drawing & Sketching, Rajasthani, Mugal Miniature, Landscape, Portrait, Mixed Media, Pot Painting, Designer Name Plates & Wall Clocks, Stain Wood, Stain Glass, Original Paintings, Metal Embossing, Fabric Painting, Glass Painting, Madhubani Painting, Warli Painting, Batik Painting etc.,

Fee Structure
S.NO Types of Courses Fees Course Duration
1. Fabric Painting for Ladies Rs. 3000 One Month
2. Warli Painting for Ladies & Children Rs. 1500 One Week
3. Madhubhani Painting for Ladies & Children Rs. 1500 One Week
4. Glass Painting for Ladies Rs. 750 / 1500 / 2500
(for Standard sizes)
One week
5. Batik for Ladies Rs. 1500 / 2500 / 4000
(for Standard sizes)
One week
6. Oil Painting for Ladies & Children Rs. 6000
(Three Painting for Small sizes)
Rs. 3000 / 6000 / 6500 / 9000 / 12000
(for Standard sizes)
One Month
7. 3D Clay Painting for Ladies & Children Rs. 6500 / 9750 / 13000
Rs. 2000 (only for Children)
8. Mural Making Painting for Ladies & Children Rs. 6000 / 12000
(for Standard sizes)
9. Jharokha Painting for Ladies & Children Rs. 9000 / 18000 / 26000
(for Standard sizes)
10. Tanjore Painting for Ladies & Children Rs. 6500 / 13000 / 15000 / 26000 / 50000
(for Standard sizes)
Payment Terms: For Courses up to Rs. 3000/ – buy cialis 100% Advance & Beyond 3000/ – 50% Advance & 50% On Completion.
Note: Apart from the standard sizes you can also learn different sizes as per your requirement, Wall size & Interior & Fees will vary according to the size.

  1. Absolute Personal attention is given by Sujatha to each & every student maintaining the standard of every art work
  2. We have kept flexible timings for all courses & you can come any time between 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM Monday to Saturday & can work as long as you want as per your convenience
  3. We provide pleasent, neat, safe, secured, homely & informal work atmosphere where you can feel relaxed while working on a painting in a cialis 20 mg how to use creative environment rather than feeling to be in a classroom
  4. Considering the comfort level of girls & ladies we have made this class only for ladies & children
  5. All students are provided with artist’s quality oil colors of camel brand which is much more superior than student’s quality colors of camel & everybody is provided with high quality canvas by cameline
  6. With years of teaching experience we have simplified the technique so much that even a beginner right from children to elderly ladies can learn & make a good painting
  7. Making a painting will cost you less than buying it from the market & will become your asset with which you can relate yourself since it is your creation & you get involved in every stage of its making since begining
  8. We have not opened any other branch so that Sujatha can personally remain available throughout out the class & can concentrate on each & every student’s work rather than leaving the class on hired instructors
  9. If you spend 2 to 3 hours every day in class you can finish a big Painting of 4ft x 3ft within 7 days
  10. If you want to finish your work even faster or if you are residing far away you may bring your lunch & have it here & spend whole day
  11. Working ladies can come on Saturdays & work as long as they want between 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM
  12. If you are coming from other city & want to come & learn here, we can provide you the details of near by guest houses suiting your budget